Lionel Richie Claims “I Didn’t Want to Leave the Commodores”

From my earliest childhood memories, I was a fan of the Commodores. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the first concert I ever attended was when the Commodores came to the Macon Coliseum in 1980. Dressed in white jumpsuits with sequins, the concert lighting caused them to dazzle and sparkle as they moved on stage.Continue reading “Lionel Richie Claims “I Didn’t Want to Leave the Commodores””

Boy Band Mania!

The Beatles may have been first, but during the 80s and certainly through the 90s, Boy Band Mania took over. Perhaps it started with the New Kids on the Block, or maybe New Edition, but the 90s saw rise to such powerhouses as the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Boyz ll Men and All-4-One. Their popularity, noContinue reading “Boy Band Mania!”

Johnny Horton: From Rockabilly to the Honky Tonk Man

From rockabilly to the “Honky Tonk Man”, it could be said of Johnny Horton that his life ended tragically and in the prime of his career. Before he departed; however, he would leave his mark on the world of music with such classic hits as “When It’s Springtime in Alaska (It’s 40 Below)”, “North toContinue reading “Johnny Horton: From Rockabilly to the Honky Tonk Man”