Welcome to Tunes in a Bottle. If you’re like me, music has a way of taking you back or moving you to reminisce of times so sweet, or perhaps dark and painful. Memories that inspire, uplift, and encourage you to take the next step. Music has a way of moving us in all of these directions. Perhaps there was a special song in your past that takes you back each time you hear it. Maybe there’s a special band or musician that you saw in concert, or wished you did, that excites you still. And if you’re like me, those tunes of yesteryear, especially the 80s, take up a permanent residence in your brain to include song title and artist. Quite simply, you’re a song quiz expert.

If the above description sounds like you, welcome to my page. Bookmark it. Subscribe to it. Interact with it. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s form a community and talk about the different tunes and musicians that have been instrumental to us in various stages of our lives. I plan to regularly post things like “Did You Know?”, “Move Music”, “Straight from the 80s – or various other decades.” We’ll talk about movie music, car music, and of course, Disney movie music. No genre will be off-limits, but to be truthful, there will likely be lots of 80s stuff! So come along, let’s share stories of those concerts we attended, musicians we followed or met, and how music moved us in specific ways. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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