Vinyl Records Making a Comeback?

Having grown up with vinyl records and record players, I can definitely appreciate the evolution of the music listening experience. With the convenience of the multitude of listening options these days, I have been a bit perplexed at the resurgence of vinyl records.

My first instincts were to ask “Why would we wish to go backwards”? Let’s face it, records would get scratched and skip. You’d have to constantly get up and move the needle to one place or the other to fast forward or rewind. They’d get broken from time to time, lost, or never returned when borrowed. Why would we ever choose to go back to vinyl records?

Well, after doing a bit of looking around on the internet, I found some interesting articles that attempt to answer this very question. The one that I have attached below gives some very good insight to the “why”, and after reading it, I feel that I do better understand it. And while it may not be my preference, there is something to be said concerning the listening experience of it all. This unique perspective is summed up quite well by Charlie Randall, CEO of McIntosh Labs, when he states: “There is something romantic about records, something satisfying about opening the album jacket, seeing the fantastic artwork and studying the liner notes while listening to the album. That’s something that today’s digital files just can’t replace.”

So how about you? Do you prefer vinyl records? Are you surprised with the resurgence of vinyl records? Do you own any vinyl records?

For a detailed article containing the quote above, read it here:

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I'm a husband, dad, and grandpa. My family, faith, music, and the outdoors are things that I value the most. As of late, running has become a great hobby of mine.

2 thoughts on “Vinyl Records Making a Comeback?

  1. With the advent of CD’s, I retired my vinyl collection to the garage in the early 90s. I still bought vinyl where I could get it. I never imagined it making a comeback and I’m thrilled it did. The best thing about the vinyl revival is that it gave me an excuse to invest in an impression new turntable Hi-Fi system.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! It is likely that any vinyl that I still have are stored up in my parent’s attic somewhere and very likely warped from the heat. Still not quite sure I’m ready to commit to purchasing any new vinyl; however.

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