Boy Band Mania!

The Beatles may have been first, but during the 80s and certainly through the 90s, Boy Band Mania took over. Perhaps it started with the New Kids on the Block, or maybe New Edition, but the 90s saw rise to such powerhouses as the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Boyz ll Men and All-4-One. Their popularity, no doubt, has paved the way for other very successful boy bands such as the Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and 98 Degrees to follow.

From a worldwide album sales, the Backstreet Boys run away with total album sales eclipsing 100 million. New Kids on the Block and NSYNC both have over 70 million. Boyz ll Men checks in with over 34 million and and All-4-One closes out the group with 22 million sales worldwide.

If we’re talking about Grammy Awards; however, that’s not close either. Boyz ll Men far outpaces this group with 4 Grammy Awards, while All-4-One garnered one in 1995 for their hit single “I Swear.” And though nominated, neither the Backstreet Boys, NYSNC, or New Kids on the Block have ever won a Grammy.

If we’re counting #1 hits, according to Billboard’s Hot 100, the Backstreet Boys closest sniff is a #2 with “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) on 9.6.1997. They have gone on to have six top 10 hits overall. All-4-One has scored one #1 with their smash hit “I Swear” on 5.21.1994 to go along with three top 10s. NSYNC has barely fared better, but they did reach #1 on 7.29.2000 with “It’s Gonna Be Me”. Overall, they’ve also had six top 10 hits. The elder statesmen of the group, New Kids on the Block, have hit #1 on three occasions with I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) on 6.17.1989, Hangin’ Tough on 9.9.1989, and Step By Step on 6.30.1990. They have nine top 10 hits in all.

Boyz ll Men also outpace the other bands reaching #1 five different times. Their first #1 was “End of the Road (from Boomerang) on 8.15.1992, followed by “I’ll Make Love to You” on 8.27.1994. They also reached the pinnacle on 12.3.1994 with “On Bended Knee”, and again with “One Sweet Day” on 12.2.1995. Their last #1 came on 10.4.1997 with “4 Seasons of Lonliness. Overall, these Boyz have scored 10 top 10 hits.

So what’s your take on the boy bands? Which one is your favorite, and what is your favorite song? Be sure to comment below and let me know.

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